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Enter the Realm of Force-Free Dog Training and Pet Care

Dog kingdom Pets Home Page PictureWelcome to Dog Kingdom Pets and The DogSmith of Upper Eastern Shore where your dog rules and we are committed to providing you with the best dog training and pet care available – and it’s all force-free. We founded Dog Kingdom Pets on some pretty basic principles and a simple philosophy.

We wanted to provide you with the tools you need to live joyfully in a modern world with the pets you have chosen to share your life with. No gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors, no warnings of “don’t try this at home”. Just scientifically based, force-free dog training and pet care techniques that are safe, easy to learn and implement with absolutely no negative side effects.

You have a right to expect that every interaction with your beloved four-legged family members is professional, safe, and meaningful and has at its foundation the training knowledge and expertise that comes with our many years of experience and education. Our dog training and pet care methods will actually enhance and strengthen the relationship you have with your pets ensuring yours is a happy and stress-free life.

Dog Kingdom Pets -10aWhat exactly does force-free mean for you and your pets? Force-free means that no pain, fear or physical force will ever be used while training your dog or caring for your pet. We always provide you with the most suitable, least aversive and least invasive methods when handling your pet and training your dog. Your pet’s welfare and well-being are our top priority so you will always be confident you are receiving the absolutely best care anywhere.

Choose from our menu to learn more about specific services for your pet care needs and enjoy the peace of mind knowing your furry family members are in ‘force-free’ hands.